The Heart of the Matter

I want to share a poem I wrote the other day. It is a poem that is like a meditation to help you relax, reduce your stress and connect to your heart and your baby’s heart.


Hand over my Heart
Feel it beating.

Warmth comes,
Breathe deepens naturally
As if it is guided
As it is…

Everything relaxes
Becomes as it should be
Meant to be
Beyond you and me
And light and dark
And worry and hope
And love and war

Beyond the horizon
Of hopes and fears
and yester years

The heart knows and beats
Its messages
Like a morse code

When we start to hear it
To get the message
The sun shines brighter
In the sky
And in our chest
2 suns
1 life

Relax into the beat of the heart
It will take you
On a journey
To secret places
That it knows.

It will take you,
To the ‘heart’ of the matter.
We are all connected
To everything we have ever known and will know
It’s all here, it is all now

Let us remember
Let us love
Let us relax

written by Sharon Melvin, May 1, 2020