Reading Out Loud!!

This week I started a baby massage class at the Strathcona County Library in Sherwood Park.  It had a great turnout, lots of interested moms and beautiful babies.    The library currently (for 2015) has a great campaign called “Read Aloud. Every Day!  This is a topic that happens to be near and dear to my heart.

When a good friend of mine had 2 very small children (one was 6 months old at the time) and needed someone to care for her children as she went back to work (teaching school), I suggested my that my mom would be perfect for the job.mother and little daughter on sunset Mom had retired recently but wasn’t quite ready to be not working, and the most important thing of all , She loved children!!!

We all got together for a visit and to talk about it, and it was decided, and so started a wonderful relationship between my mom and my friend’s children.  One of the things mom did every day was read, read and read aloud to them, a Lot!!!

Over the years since, my friend has often remarked on how valuable all that reading was for her kids.  How very much she appreciates that my mom did it!!!  She has thanked mom many times over the years.  You can visit my facebook page Sweet Baby Dream to get the link that will show you the campaign and studies that have been done on the value of reading out loud, yes every day!!!!

Take care, love your babies and I’ll be back soon