New Website & eBook Announcement

This is my first blog on Sweet Baby Dream’s brand new website.  I think the  new website is fresh, updated and modern. Thank you to everyone involved in this project!!   It is a time of new beginnings!

Sweet Baby Touch

As well,  I have recently published an eBook called Sweet Baby Touch, The Infant Massage Book.  It is complementary to Sweet Baby Dream, The Infant Massage Video.  This book was a big project for me and a lot of people helped it come together, editing, graphics, formatting. Again, I thank everyone involved.  I loved writing this book, I got to share experiences from all the years I have taught baby massage!


This photo is of a pair of very sweet twins who were recently in my baby massage class.  They are just now  becoming aware of each other.  In the photo, one is gently reaching out to and noticing his sleeping brother!   In class they were very considerate, one would get a massage as the other slept, and the next class , they would alternate!!!  So, they are a very good example, of how parents with twins can still get to a baby  massage class!

I will post again soon and thanks for stopping by.
Sharon Melvin