Listening to Your Baby


Have you noticed our new look? IM Solutions and the lovely Yvette Cioran made some changes and produced this fabulous, modern, up to date website.  I’m so thankful to her for her generosity and big heart!!!

Today’s blog is about “listening” to your baby.   Touch is a baby’s first language, body language.  A baby communicates through their body.

A baby is always talking to us,   (with their movements, sounds, expressions, kicking, etc) are we listening, truly listening, with our eyes, our ears and are hearts?   We need to listen to babies to understand this language that is beyond words.

Baby massage is not just about techniques, it is about  20% technique, and 80% heart and love!!    80%  is the interaction, the relationship, the deepening bond and connection that happens between parent and baby.

With this connection, a baby learns to relax and trust, and to develop self confidence and self esteem!

As a parent “listens” to their child and responds to that information, a baby feels heard, respected and loved.  A baby feels safe.  This is the basis, the foundation for all the relationships a baby will have in their life.  So, again, are you “listening” to your baby.

Any person receiving a massage knows if the person giving them a message is present with them, fully in the moment, or if their mind is wandering away to other things.  A baby is the same, so, don’t wander away — be here now for your baby.

Thanks for tuning in, see you next time,