Infant Massage with Sharon Melvin & Sandra Mackay


Sweet Baby Dream offers a number of infant massage classes specially designed for mom & baby as well as Expectant parents. All classes are held in a loving and relaxed environment and led by Sharon Melvin, Certified Infant Massage Instructor, and Registered Massage Therapist.  Also, author and host of Sweet Baby Dream and Sweet Baby Touch. Please bring your baby, baby’s special blanket and a pillow for baby to lie on to class.  We will provide the oils needed for your infant massage session.



This  three -week class offers a complete introduction to the art of infant massage. Bring your baby for a hands-on experience to discover the best time for massage, explore gentle movements, learn about a variety of oils and aromatherapy and perfect the art of “listening” to your baby.

“Really liked the layout of the class, how we learned things progressively and reviewed new info at the start of each class.  Love how available you are are for question:  “Sharon’s love of babies is clear.”



Are you about to become a parent? This two-hour class will help you prepare for your new role and teach you to understand infant fussy periods and make your baby more comfortable. Join us to learn how to soothe your baby with infant massage and touch. Topics include touch relaxation, baby massage skills, and comfort and calming techniques.

“I found this course very useful-I’m positive my baby will agree as well! I feel much more comfortable and prepared for the journey ahead. Many thanks!



A safe MIND/BODY  Workout:   Enjoy a gentle but powerful approach to fitness, that also leaves you feeling energized and recharged, while promoting balance and coordination.  The essence of Tai Chi is to promote a relaxed and energized body and mind.  Tai Chi movements strengthen you while they relax you, are safe throughout pregnancy, and will help prepare you for the experience of birthing.  In this 6 week class you will learn warm-ups for balance and circulation and Tai Chi movements for pregnancy and beyond!


Tai Chi Chih – Evening Class

Tai chi chih is an ancient mind-body art form known for its healing and rejuvenating effect. The series of 20 energizing movements is an effective form of moving meditation that you can do on your own. Benefits include improved mental and physical well-being, improved balance, increased energy and relief from pain and stress. Class is suitable for all ages and abilities.


Tai Chi Chih – Day Time Class

Tai Chi Chih is an ancient mind-body art form known for it’s healing and rejuvenating effects.  The series of 20 energizing movements improve mental and physical well being., balance, increase energy and provide relief from pain and stress. The class is suitable for all ages and abilities. The 6 week class runs from Jan 22 to Feb 26, 2019 on Tuesdays from 7:45-8:45 pm.  It is through Metro Continuing Education.  Register at or call (780) 428-1111 or 1 (8770) 202-2003.  Instructor: Sharon Melvin


Dance Tai Chi – Day Time Class

Dance Tai Chi blends the healing essence of Tai Chi with the creative fluidity of Dance to help improve your flexibility, balance, health, serenity and fun. It is an easy relaxed class. No prior dance or Tai Chi experience is needed. Dance Tai Chi was developed by Sharon Melvin, a Tai Chi Instructor with a lifetime love of dance.