Sharon Melvin has been practicing massage for over 20 years and has been teaching infant massage since 1993. She is deeply committed to promoting the many benefits of infant massage to a wide audience.

Sharon has taught infant massage for the Perinatal Education Department of Alberta Health Services (Calgary Health Region) as well as to parents, corporate groups and health care professionals. Now, Sharon is living in Edmonton where she continues to follow her passion of teaching Infant Massage. She has recently written a book for new parents and health care professionals “Sweet Baby Touch” which is available through her website.

Sharon brings over two decades of experience to the health and wellness field, as a massage therapist, instructor, speaker and presenter. She is a pioneer in the field of infant massage and has appeared on television, radio, in print and at conferences and workshops. Her gentle approach is respectful of the infant and the caregiver… and both receive immense benefits from this healing touch practice.

Recent conference topics include:

  • Infant Massage for New Parents
  • Touch Skills for Expectant Parents
  • Women’s Self Care (facial massage, self-massage, touch & massage in labour & delivery)
  • Introduction to Tai Chi

Sharon is a member of the National Health Practitioners of Canada. She is a former board member of the International Association of Infant Massage.

Sandra Mackay lives in Calgary and is a member of the National Health Practitioners of Canada and has been a practicing Massage Therapist and Certified Infant Massage Instructor for over 20 years. Since 2007, Sandra has been teaching expectant parents and new parents baby massage with the Perinatal Education Department of Alberta Health Services, Calgary Health Region and is a highlight of her work.

During her six year term serving on the first board of the Canadian Chapter of the International Association of Infant Massage she fulfilled different positions which included helping to organize and facilitate IAIM conferences across Canada.

Recently, Sandra had the opportunity to present Baby Massage for pre-term infants at the Alberta Neonatal Nurses Association conference, inspiring our front line health care professionals who give the necessary life saving touch to also call attention to the need and importance of providing nurturing positive intentional touch. Our NICU babies experience touch aversion with life sustaining touch and also need to experience touch acceptance through massage, the loving contrast.

This part of Sandra’s work brings her great satisfaction as she believes the more people who are taught the importance of positive, nurturing touch and given the confidence and skills to give this gift, the more calm and in-tune our children will be about their own bodies and in time be able to recognize and help themselves to reduce their own stress and anxieties.

Sandra has been able to use the baby massage skills she learned on her own children and has seen first hand in her own home the benefits of sharing this gift of touch which is still ongoing. Sandra looks forward to her continued mission to share and teach parents and caregivers these amazing touch skills.