We Are Each Truly Unique

As I sit down to write update my blog, I ask myself, ”What really is a good blog?, What can make it informative, interesting, even compelling?  How will it be helpful to new parents?New parents who are making their way as best they can with this new little person in their lives, this breath of fresh life!  

One day last year, I had stopped in at Birth Source which was where I taught baby massage and the owner Tracey was there holding the most incredible thing in the world, ‘a newborn baby girl just 5 days old’. She had beautiful black hair and little ears that looked like perfect sea shells and a ‘kid you not’ little rosebud mouth.  Her eyes were closed the whole time I was there, but you just knew that she was aware of you and everything around her. Such a gift to be in her presence!!  

We are each truly unique.  We have a unique fingerprint, a unique smell (called a chemical signature,) a unique sound (our voice), and a unique touch.  Your baby can tell your touch from someone else’s.  In fact, there are cultures that believe a baby receives different qualities and benefits from a father’s touch than from a mother’s – touch is that unique!


Always remember that your touch, your voice, your chemical signature, are all more comforting to your  baby than anyone else’s.  And until we are about 3 years old, we have a heightened sensitivity to touch, some call it a ‘skin hunger’  We need it as if it was ‘food through the skin’.  So remember, that your loving touch is a necessity to your baby, it is truly nourishment to them and nourishment to you as you attach and bond and get closer to your baby all the time.  Touch is the first bridge between you , and is your baby’s main form of communication for the first year of it’s life.  They say a picture is worth a ‘thousand words’ , well with  a baby, a touch is clearly worth a thousand works and probably a whole lot more.  Enjoy your little one, appreciate each moment and each loving touch.